PLANFOR members came together in Ankara!Two more joined

Established in Sarajevo on June 1, 2016, PLANFOR is strengthening itself with new activities and new members.

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In the first foundation of the platform, there were 7 members from Turkey, 1 from Bosnia Herzegovina and 1 member from Albania. With the signing ceremony held on 21 April 2017, two more members from Turkey attended to this Platform.

One of the new members is ÖZ ORMAN Trade Union which is one of the biggest trade unions in agriculture and forestry in Turkey.

This union has more than 30 members. The cooperation agreement was signed by the Chairman of the Trade Union Settar ASLAN.


The other member is from the business world. Turkish Forestry Products Council which is one of the 59 Industry Councils of Turkey. Industry Council of Turkey were established within the framework of Industry Council of Turkey Incorporation, Duty and Working Directive based on TOBB Law (dated 18/05/2004 and numbered 5174), article 57 and conduct their activities through The Division of Industry Council of Turkey.

The President of the Turkish Forestry Products Council Mr. Ahmet Kahraman signed the MoU on behalf.

Industry Council of Turkey aim to foster sectoral policy making, ensure the formulation of sectoral interest and sectoral position and develop cooperation and collaboration between public and private sector. Industry Council of Turkey also provide major benefits to our sectors and economy with its national and international character and its vision and strategy.

Operating and continuing their efforts with a growing momentum since 2006, councils which represent sectors on behalf of TOBB, are an important meeting point which consist of public authorities, non-governmental organizations operating in the sector and leading firms as members. As of 2011, there are 59 Industry Council of Turkey, designed as structures where economic sectors are put under spotlight with through dimensions, sectoral road maps are drawn. Industry Council of Turkey also provide a significant contribution to EU negotiation process including managing regulatory impact analysis.

The former members and the new ones met in Ankara with kind invitation of Oz Orman İŞ Trade Unioun President Mr. Settar Aslan.


The representatives of NGOs listed below attended to this important meeting.

  1. Green Turkey Foresters Association- 
  2. OSTİM Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology
  3. Soil Science Society of Turkey-SSST-
  4. The Foundation of the People Caring for the Future -CARFU-
  5. The Nature Conservation Center-DKM-
  6. The Turkish World Parliamentary Association-TDPV-
  7. Union of Agriculture and Forestry Workers-TOÇBİRSEN-

They welcomed to the new members and also they discussed the agenda and other logictical issues of the First International Workshop of PLANFOR

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