PLANFOR 1st International Workshop was held in Alanya

PLANFOR 1st International Workshop was held on April 27-May 1, 2017 in Antalya province of Alanya. Guests from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Kyrgyzstan participated in the workshop alongside Turkey.

The workshop started with the speech of General Directorate of Forestry Antalya Regional Director Mustafa Türk at 28th April of 2017.  Afterwards, CARFU Chairman İsmail Belen, General Secretary of Financial Affairs of Öz-Orman İş Trade Union Ali Bilgin and TOBBİRSEN Chairman Günay Kaya made speeches and presentations.

The signing ceremony was held for the Sarajevo Beekepers Union and Kyrgyzstan Forest and Land Users Association which are new members to PLANFOR.

Panel discussion was held with the participation of representatives of Civil Society Organizations participating in the workshop listed below. This meeting was moderated by Ismail Belen,  Chairman of the CARFU and PLANFOR.

  1. AlbaForest- Mr. Mehmet Metaj
  2. Beekeepers Union of the Sarajevo Canton- Mr. Samir Ömeroviç
  3. Forestry Association of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina- Mr. Azer Jamakoviç
  4. Green Turkey Foresters Association- Mr. Mahmut Aydın
  5. Kyrgyz Association of Forest and Land Users Mr. Aitkul Burhanov
  6. Turkish Association of Beekeepers- No one participated
  7. OSTİM Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology Cluster-
  8. Öz Orman İş  (Forestry Workers Trade Union)- Mr. Ali Bilgin
  9. Soil Science Society of Turkey-SSST-
  10. The Foundation of the People Caring for the Future -CARFU- Ms. Özlem İritaş
  11. The Turkish World Parliamentary Association-TDPV- Mr.Kenan Aşkın
  12. Turkey Forest Products Industrialists And Business Association -
  13. The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB)-Turkish Forestry Products Council- Mr. Serhat Dayanıklıoğlu
  14. Union of Agriculture and Forestry Workers-TOÇBİRSEN- Mr. Günay Kaya
  15. Wise Generation Youth, Informatics, Art, and Tourism Association- Mr. Mustafa Çetin

The staff of the forestry directorate participated in the opening program. Approximately 100 people attended.
After lunch, presentations of NGOs participating in the program were presented. PLANFOR strategic objectives were negotiated. At the end of the program, Alanya Castle was visited.

On April 29, 2017, Adnan Yılmaztürk, Regional Director of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and İbrahim Aydın, Antalya Deputy of the AK Party (from Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ruling party) participated in the program.

At the end of the day, attendance certificates were presented.

On Sunday, April 30, 2017 Köprülü Canyon National Park was visited under the guidance of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry.

The program was completed with participants leaving the hotel on Monday, May 1st.

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