The Model Forest of Mediterranean Network: community, product, management-19 November 2020

The Chair of CARFU, İsmail Belen, participated as one of the panelists to “Webinar – The Model Forest of Mediterranean Network: community, product, management” organised by the Secretariat of Medietteranean Model Forest Network on 19 November 2020.

As mentioned by Ismail Belen at the panel Turkey participation process in Model Forest started in 2007. While Turkey was discussing the issue to be a member or not, some changes have been at the “Forest Management Regulation-FMR”, which is one of the basic documents in the management of forests. The FMR was published in the Official Gazette dated February 5, 2008.

Item 5/c of FMR as follows: “Forest management plans can be made with different contents and bases in order to implement changes in forestry practices, to develop a new model, and to determine whether this model can be applied or not“.

Based on the FMR, we obtained official and written permission from the Minister of the time to participate in the MMF.

The model forest issue was added to the founding law of the General Directorate of Forestry(GDF) in 2011. The related item as follows: To determine, protect and operate recreation areas, urban forests, research forests, arboretum areas, forest biodiversity conservation areas, model forest and conservation forest areas.
As a result, two model forests namely Yalova and Bucak declared.

it is possible to reach the records through this Youtube link.

The presentation of Ismail Belen could be reached as follows:

Thanks to Mr. Mehmet Özdemir, Director of Marmara Forest Research Institute for his kind contribution.

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