After Water Management and Desertification Symposium


International Scientific Symposium of Water Management and Desertification” held in Istanbul-Turkey, 26-28 November 2014.

This Symposium organized by the Union Euro Arab of Geomatics

The Euro Arab Union of Geomatics was founded by the Tunisian association of the geomatic media and a number of researchers and experts from the Euro Arab space. It obtains the legal permission to work on December 3rd under the number 2772. It s listed in the Tunisian Official Gazette on march the 4th under the number 145 and it s subjected to the associations ‘ low and classified as a scientific organization.

Symposium started with the opening speech made by Mr. Mohamed Ayari, the President of the Union.  Then Mr. Amer Harachi and Mr. Mohsin Al-Shammari gave their speeches.

With the kind invitation of organising committee Ismail Belen participated to this Symposium.

Mr. Vice President Ismail Belen (1)

On behalf of the Turkey, Ismail Belen gave a presentation about practices in Turkey given more emphasizes on international cooperation and UNCCDCOP12. Mr. Belen is also the President of CARFU and the Comittee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions which is a statutory body of FAO.

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This symposium was widely covered in the media and some web pages as follows:


Certificate of Gratitude and Appriciation

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