DoI between the USA and Turkish Forestry Services

On 4th December, 2014, General Directorate of Forestry and behalf of Turkey and the US Forest Service on behalf of the United States signed a “Declaration of Intention” on the field of forestry.  With this occasion, we would like to collect relevant information and look back to history.
The diplomatic relations between Ottoman Empire and the United States of America started after the Ottoman-American Trade and Friendship Treaty signed at 10th of May, 1830.  As it was written in some documents, the Turkish-American relations on forestry go back to Ottoman Empire times. After a devastating forest fires took place in North Western America, the Emperor Addülhamit the Second, sent money for the benefit of the people affected with fires. An Official Document dated 9 September 1894 gave information about this event . After 115 years, in 2009, a group of Americans came to Turkey to establish a “Texas-Antalya Friendship and Memorial Forest
Under the “Marshall Plan” (1948-1951) some “village” plantation activities started in Turkey. In 1952 forest engineers have been sent to the USA.  After 1960, with a FAO project entitled “International Cooperation Administration” supported by US financially, two Turkish foresters have been sent to the US for 1,5 year.

İsmat Tezcan ABD

In 2000, a joint project Middle East Watersheds Project Text between Turkey, Israel, the United States, Palestine and Jordan, started.  The “Submitting Institution” was the Inventory and Monitoring Institute of USDA Forest Service. In 2004, Mr. Ismail Belen started as responsible person for this project on behalf of Turkish side. In 2005, the Final Report for Turkish side was prepared and submitted.

malatya kizilöz

In 2005, a team from Turkey headed by the Deputy Undersecretary visited the US.  During this mission, the delegation visited to Pawnee National Grassland and Hayman Fire among other areas. At that time the delagation was consist of  Mr. İsmail Belen, Dr. Mahir Küçük, Deputy Undersecretary and Mr. Mustafa Yüksek, Director General, Dr. Gürsel Küsek, late become the Director Gerenaral of Agricultural Reform and Mahmut Şimşek.





2005-new york


In 2006, Mr. Ismail Belen participated to the International Seminar on Watersehed Management.

In September, 2006, Mr. Serdar Yegül participated to S.Yegul.2005.USA.Seminar.








2008, Mr. Talat Memiş, attended this international seminar.

TalatMemiş 2008

In 2011, the former Chief, Mr. Dale Bosworth and Ms. Jennifer Peterson visited Turkey.

In 2013, a delegation from Auburn University, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences,  headed by James P. Shepard, Dean and Professor, visited Turkey and welcomed by the Vice Minister of Turkey.

Prof. Oliver Chad from Yale University and  Director of Yale‘s Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry  visited Turkey several times and tried to establish a road map between two countries.

In 2013, an article entitled “Evolution of Modern Forest Management Planning in the Republic of Turkey” published at Journal of Forestry, Volume 111, Number 4, 4 July 2013, pp. 239-248(10). The Publisher was Society of American Foresters and article prepared by Authors: Zengin, Hayati; Yeşil, Ahmet; Asan, Ünal; Bettinger, Pete; Cieszewski, Chris; Siry, Jacek P.

Forest Management in Turkey

In 2006 (İsmail Belen), 2008 (Talat Memiş)  and 2013 foresters from Turkey attended to the “International Watershed Management Course”.
In late spring of 2014, a delegation from Turkey, headed by the Undersecretary visited the USA. The Delegation comprised of Prof. Dr. Lütfi Akça, Undersecretary, Dr. Mahir KUCUK, Deputy Undersecretary, Mr. Umit TURHAN, Division Director of Regional and Bilateral Affairs, General Directorate of Forestry, Dr. Ugur ZEYDANLI, General Director, Nature Conservation Center, Dr. Katalin ZAIM, Program Manager, UNDP Turkey Country Office, Mr. Nurettin OZBAGDATLI, Sustainable Forest Management Advisor, UNDP Turkey Country Office.
During Committee on Forestry, June 2014, delegations from US Forest Service and Turkish Ministry of Forests and Water Affaires held a meeting in Rome, Italy. • Turkish Delegation was consist of İbrahim Çiftçi, İsmail Belen, Serdar Yegül, Abdurrahman Kök, Dr. Kenan Kılıç, Hilmi Ergin Dedeoğlu. • The US delegation was consist of Tom Tidwell, Chief of the United States Forest Service (USFS) and Val Mezainis, Director International Programs.



In 2013 and 2014 foresters from Turkey attended to the International Seminar on Disaster Management,

3 August-TURKEY-Disaster Management Country Fact Sheet-2014

Chief of US Forest Service Thomas Tidwell and İsmail Belen-2014

Chief of US Forest Service Thomas Tidwell and İsmail Belen-2014

ın 2014, September, some foresters from US Forest Service attanded to the “Regional Fire Management Training” held in Antalya, Turkey.


Finally, a goodwill agreement was signed between Republic of Turkey – General Directorate of Forestry and USA Department of Agriculture – Forestry Department in the field of forestry on December 4th, 2014.

DoI Between the USA Forests Service and GD of Forestry of Turkey-4th December 2014


18  th of January 2015- İsmail Belen



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