How is the structure in Morocco related to forests?

Mr. Hicham Mharzi Alaoui from Morocco- Mr. İsmail Belen from Turkey




Moroccan government forest lands cover nine million hectares of which 5.8 million are forests; including scrub-land and the remaining 3.2 million are Alfa grass.

The forest sector has always been an important contributor to Morocco’s economy and provides a source of economic and social benefit to rural communities which represent 40% of Morocco’s total population.

Forests provide 100 million work days for the local population, 28,000 jobs in forest enterprises, 14,000 jobs in processing sectors, 26,000 jobs in wood harvesting and approximately 4500 jobs in (rangeland) livestock. The sector also generates more than 5 billion DH ($600 mil.) for the rural economy; the main products being timber, energy, and cork where Morocco represents 4% of the world’s cork production.

The High Commission for Waters, Forests and Combating Desertification (HCEFLCD) was put in charge of the water and forest sector in 2003 to more effectively address the increasing challenges and transform the management of Morocco’s forests to a more integrated, and multi-partner approach.

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The High Commission is placed at an equivalent level to a government Ministry, the difference being the High Commissioner is a non-political post, unlike that of a Minister.

In 2003, HCEFLCD took over the responsibility for the development and conservation of forests, protected areas, and watersheds from the Ministry of Agriculture and then added two additional components: rural development – ensuring land resources provide benefit to local populations; and combating desertification. (Source: USFS_Morocco_Report_Final-2007Global Mechanism of UNCDD-morocco_e-1)


The Current structure of Cabinet could be seen at this following link: This study has been executed by Mr. İsmail Belen from Turkey and Mr. Hicham Mharzi Alaoui from Morocco in order to Show the existing structure and people as of 18th January, 2015.  As it was shown at the chart below, there are Directorates, Divisions and Services under HCEFLCD.

morocco chart


As of 18th January, 2015, the whole chart and people listed below.  The information was provided by  Hicham Mharzi Alaoui,  who is a Forest Engineer working under the Forest Protection Service .

Mr. İsmail Belen, Deputy Director General and President of CARFU prepared this text for publis with the help of Hicham Mharzi Alaoui.


Institute Name
The High Commission for Waters, Forests and Combating Desertification (HCEFLCD) High Commissioner (Minister) Mr. Abdeladim Lhafi
Secretary General (Undersecretary) Mr. Abderrahim Houmy
1-Planning Information Systems and  Cooperation Directorate Mr.Faiçal Benchekkroun
a-)Information Systems Division Mr. Issam Ahabri
Evaluation Monitoring Service Mr. Said Laarabia
Information Integrated Management and Communication Service Mr.Ardif Amekran
IT Service Mr. Kamal Oubeda
b-)Programming and Cooperation Division Mr. İmad Labbar
Cooperation Service Mr. Khalid Cherki
Finance and Programmation Service Mr. Lamia Lagala
Forest Inventory Service Mr. Mohamed Amhajer
2-Combating Desertification and Nature Protection Directorate Mr. Mohamed Endichi
a-)Hunting and Continental Aquaculture Division Mr. Mhanna Hassan
Hunting Service Mr. Mohamed Essaidi
Continental Aquaculture Service Mr. Mohamed Bedr Laamiri
National Center of Hydrolojy and Fish
b-)Parks and Natural Reserves Division Mr. Zouhir Amhouch
Parks Planning and Nature Reserves Service Mr. Sabah Tahri
Conservation of Flora and Wildlife Service Mr. Misbah Hayat
c-)Conservation of Water and Soil and Forest Protection Division Mr. Abdlkerim El Majoudi
Forest Protection Service Mr. Assali Fouad
Conservation of Water and Soil Service Mr. Abdelkader Ouraini
d-)Coordination and Monitoring of the Convention to Combat Desertification Service Mr. Hajibi Abdessamet
3-Forest Development Directorate Mr.  Jamal Ouchkif
a-)Forest Management Division Mr. Mustapha Neggar
Forest Management Service Mr. Benguedour Mustapha
Silvo-Pastoral Service Mr. Mokrim Said
b-)Reforetation Division Mr. Tarrok Mustafa
Seeds and Nurseries Service Mr. Kamal Laabou
Reforetation Service Mr. Hasan Fernan
c-)Forestry Economics Division Mr. Baba Driss
Lumbering Service Mr. Mohamed Hamrouch
Valuing Forest Product Service Mr. Assdi Chablou
4-Forest Area Legal Affairs and Ligitation Directorate Mr. El Aouni
a-)Forest Area Division Mr. Benebaou Driss
b-)Legal Affairs and Litigation Division Mr. Ettair
5- Human Resources and Administration Affaires Directorate

Turkey and Morocco has an agreement on environment and forestr signed 2007.


A delagation from Turkey visited to Morocco at the date of 26-30 January 2015



From left Ms. Kıymet Keleş, Mr. İsmail Belen, Ms. Ayşe Ayata Kelten, Mr. Ethem Barkan Öz, The Ambassador, Ms. Nilgün Temerit, and Mr. Tolga Budak, The Undersecretary of the Embassy to Morocco.

Information Note About Turkish- Marocc relations on forestry and environment

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