The Platform of the Associations of Nature and Forestry – PLANFOR

The Platform of the Associations of Nature and Forestry – PLANFOR

Climate change, land degradation, loss of biodiversity and other problems affect the people and the globe as a whole. Combating to these global challenges needs to global efforts not only for the governments and state agencies but also for non- governmental organizations, individuals and private sector.

There are several intergovernmental organizations and international agreements for dealing with global problems but the collaboration and cooperation with NGO and private sector and the related initiatives seem insufficient.

For this aim, the NGOs from different countries stated below come together and agreed to sign this “COLLABORATION PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT” to do something jointly for the benefit of the people and the globe we want. “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” is considered to be one of the main basis document of this partnership. This partnership is open to all parties willing to join and sharing the same believes and approaches defined at the text and the related UN regulations and principles.


With this agreement parties also agreed to constitute “THE PLATFORM OF THE ASSOCIATIONS OF NATURE AND FORESTRY (PLANFOR). PLANFOR will act as the executive body of this partnership. PLANFOR is being generated with the participation of civil society organizations from different countries.

The preparation and implementation of joint projects about nature conservation, agriculture, beekeeping, disaster management, water management, forestry, land management, climate change, youth and children’s education and also acting together on various issues are aimed with establishment of PLANFOR.

The Foundation of the People Caring for the Future (CARFU) is following this process and NGO’s from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey that are below stated have decided to join the Platform as a founder.

  1.’’ from Albania:  AlbaForest, the Centre for Forest Studies and Consulting, have been established by a group of senior-foresters and other discipline professionals, approved by the Tirana Court in 2004. It is a countrywide organization, with administrative Headquarters located in Tirana. The main goals and program of AlbaForest is the following: natural resource management, forestry, watershed, ecological education, biodiversity, relevant international conventions.
  2. Forestry Association of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina ‘’ from Bosnia Herzegovina. Forestry Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina started its work in 1947. The main content of the activities of the Association is intercession for the adoption and implementation of forestry strategy and attitude of the society towards of the forest as the most important factor of the biosphere, protection and presentation of natural resources, the environment and their rational use, and through this presentation of the natural resources of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina production of publication in accordance with the law, organizing various conferences, seminars, symposia, educational and research activities in the field of forestry, cooperation with non-governmental and other organizations of the same or similar program orientation in the country and abroad in accordance with the law.
  3. Green Turkey Foresters Association- The purpose of the Association is to spread the love of tree and forest in the country, to ensure improving members professionally, culturally and socially, and to do the necessary researches for these services. The Association established in 1950’s has ‘‘Public Benefit Association’’ statue.
  4. OSTİM Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology OSTİM started to its activities in 2008. OSTİM has 60 member firms. It is continuing to the activities with 11 universities, 9 state agencies and 10 NGO’s.
  5. Soil Science Society of Turkey-SSST- SSST was established in 1964 as an NGO with the aim of developing, spreading and adopting soil science at field theoretically and practically in Turkey. SSST is a ‘‘scientist and colleague’’ community and its field of occupation is soil.
  6. The Foundation of the People Caring for the Future -CARFU- CARFU was established in 2013. CARFU has carried out various projects. The process of the establishment of PLANFOR was followed by CARFU.
  7. The Nature Conservation Center-DKM- DKM is an NGO that is active on the subject of nature conservation since 2004. The purpose of DKM is to provide the protection of biodiversity effectively and management of resources sustainably.
  8. The Turkish World Parliamentary Association-TDPV- TDPV was established in 2016. The aim of TDPV is to increase political and economic cooperation between Turkish world and related communities, to strengthen our bonds of friendship and brotherhood which come from our common history, and to contribute the introduction of our cultural richness.
  9. Union of Agriculture and Forestry Workers-TOÇBİRSEN- TOÇBİRSEN was established in 2008. It is one of the largest unions in Turkey with 42 000 members. It is an authorized union on agriculture and forestry. It is a member of Confederation of Public Servants Trade Unions (MEMURSEN). It has leaded various national and international studies.

The idea of platform was announced to other countries by appropriate channels and proposals have started to come. For the first step, it is decided to depart with ‘‘AlbaForest-’’ from Albania and ‘‘Forestry Association of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina- ‘’ from Bosnia Herzegovina.

The establishment of the Platform and the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement hosted by Forestry Association of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be held on June 1, 2016 Wednesday at 2:00 pm at Sarajevo University Faculty of Forestry (

The signing ceremony hosted by “FORESTRY ASSOCIATION OF FEDERATION OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA (UŠIT FBIH)”. Some parties signed the Agreement prior as at the indicated dates.



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