Ahmet Eren İritaş-The technologies of the future


1) Hologram Phones: Hologram phones are one of the technologies that may arise in the market until 2100. Experts say that the hologram phones will be designed to be Water resistant at the same time.


2) Assistant Robots: Assistant robots are technological products that can help people. Experts say that these robots will appear between the years 2050 and 2100.


3) Radio Telescope: This telescope is expected to be built on the surface of the moon until 2060. All the objects in the Milky Way galaxy can be seen with this telescope.


4) Algae Fuels: Algae fuel is an alternative fuel that can be used by the end of the oil era after depletion of oil reserves. Oil reserves are expected to be exhausted in the year 2065.


5) Artificial Intelligence: The software that uses artificial intelligence is thought to give lectures in the online classrooms after years 2065 or 2070.


6) Self-constructed buildings: With the introduction of nanotechnology in the construction sector in 2070, designed intelligent buildings will be built without human effort and spontaneously within weeks.


7) Smart Clothes: Smart clothes will be appearing in 2070. These clothes will be bulletproof and cutlery/piercing instruments will not affect due to Nano technology


8) Tube tunnels: Tunnels will connect the continents under the ocean. It is said to be built in 2080.


9) Hypersonic Underwater Trains: In 2080, there will be hypersonic underwater trains that can make 6000 km/h speed. With this train travel between Europe to America will take less than 1 hour.


10) Green Energy Production: Green energy production will be widespread in 2082. It will cause less damage to nature so global warming will stop.


11) Pico Technology: Pico Technology is 1/1000 of nanotechnology as measurement. It will become available in 2087. With Pico technology more detailed and great result may be obtained in the areas which nanotechnology is used to..


12) Treatment to every disease: Treatment of most viral diseases may be possible in the future with creation full version of the virus that 20-300 nanometer size.


Experts say this 12 technology can be possible until year 2090. I don’t know if a 13 years old boy like me can see these developments or not.  I think mankind will invent many other things and life will spread out of this world to other planets and even galaxies.

Let’s meet again with my next article!

I wish everyone lives long enough to see these improvements with health.
Ahmet Eren İritaş










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