According to the Statute of the CARFU; it has three bodies.

  1. General Assembly
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Supervisory Board

General Assembly gathers with all members every three years and choices the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board. The last General Assembly gathered at 7th April, 2015 selected the followings

Board of Directors

Title Name Profession Email
President İsmail BELEN Forest Engineer (Msc) İ
Vice President Doç. Dr. Bedia DİNÇ Medical Doctor
Secretary General Özlem İRİTAŞ Env. Engineer (Msc)
General Accountant Dr. Servet İRİTAŞ Medical Doctor
Member Dr. A. Şule ÖZEVREN Agricultural Engineer
Member Kutluay ATAŞ Mechanical Engineer
Member Ercan Kaptanoğlu Electrical  Engineer






Supervisory Board

Title Name Profession Email
Member Emine ATAŞ Forest Engineer
Member Ahmet Hakan DİNÇ Medical Doctor
Member Kemal AKMAN Businessman


Letters for Future